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Reflective Pet Collar With Bell

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About This Item:

  • Cute and safe collar buckle: The collar buckle uses a cute and fashionable cat face design. In order to prevent cats from being hurt, we design cat ears into round ears. Most cat face buckles of similar products on the market have sharp ears, which can easily hurt cats
  • Safety Reflective Strip Design: Reflective tape and bright colors can help you find pets in dark environments. When pets are outdoors, pedestrians and vehicles on the road can see them more easily, thereby reducing the risk of pets going out and making them safer in outdoor activities
  • Safe Breakaway Cat Collar: The length of these cat collars can be adjusted between 19-32cm. The sturdy detachable safety release buckle can be unlocked with a certain amount of force. If your pet is trapped, it can freely break free to avoid the pet being strangled by the collar, ensure the safety of the pet
  • Anti-lost ID tags and ringtones: Using 2 anti-lost ID tags, you can fill in the owner's information. When the pet gets lost, the finder can find the owner of the pet through the anti-lost ID tag. With colorful bells, you can find cute pets more easily