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About Us

SaferCHILD® Smart Safety-Seat Monitors 

Makes Car Seats Smarter and Children Safer. 

With In Real-Time Arrival/Departure Notifications From Your Child’s Car Seat, You Stay Connected Even When Your Child Is Not In Your Personal Care.

In Car Driver’s Safety Alerts
1 Chest Clip Unbuckled 

2 Unsafe Temperature 

3 Child Left Unattended 

Valet - Switching child care duties without disturbing your child.

    Baby Alert International Inc, premiere developer and supplier of proactive aids for the prevention of child in hot car deaths.

    Domestic and International Product Designations

    • FCC, CE, ROHS
    • Approved EU Exporter
    • Italy approval: ALLEGATO B Decreto n. 122 del 02/10/2019 (articolo 5, comma 4)
    • Israeli Government's preferred importer of Anti-Abbandono Child Automotive Safety Seat Devices.