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ChildMinder ElitePad Child 'n Back-Seat Reminder

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$18.22 - $35.22
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The ElitePad® System Back-Seat Reminder

a passive child safety seat monitoring system comprised of
the ePad and a KeyFob® Remote Alarm. Designed for premies through toddler years.
(Additional KeyFob® Remote Alarm for an alternate caregiver may be purchased

The ePad® should be placed on the top cushion of the child safety seat.
Once the child is seated in the safety seat, the ElitePad® System passively monitors
your child in his/her safety seat.
Installation takes less than a minute.

One Minute Installation
Activation Reminder
Automatic Self-Test
Two Year Warranty
Technical Specifications
KeyFob Remote Alarm:
Dimensions: 42*48*15mm
Weight: 29gr (1oz) with battery
Material: ABS
Frequency: 433 MHZ
Battery: CR2450
Power: 600mAh, 3.0V
Weight: 10gr (0.40oz)
Battery Duration: 1.5 years
Pad Cushion:
- 9 Child presence detecting sensors
- Moisture Resistant Textile
- Crash Tested (favorably)
- Replaceable Battery
- Battery Duration: 2 years
- 2 Years Warranty
- Activation Reminder
- KeyFob Remote Alarm
Technician Specifications :
Dimensions: 190*245*8mm
Weight: 150gr
Frequency:433 MHZ
Battery: CR 2477
Power: 1000mAh, 3.0V
Weight: 10.5gr